All in one solution

Source AI offers a best-in-class solution, for development and deployment of AI, at scale

Run models on any infrastructure

— Without worrying about setup

Deploy production grade infrastructure in a few clicks

Scalable analytics on demand – Source’s infrastructure understands the data, computer and memory needs of your model and will scale based on those needs

Remove operating system dependencies from your day to day analytics work

Access clean structured data easily

— and integrate it with models

Automated data versioning
Automated data lineage and provenance
Remove dependencies on one data processing language
Connect to most common databases
Scalable Data Storage
High performance data upload at the click of a button
Collaborative data profiling

Test models against production grade standards

Automated testing for your most common analytics models and workflows to ensure the highest quality of analytics delivery

Provide clients access to analytics output

— instantly and on-demand

Real time analytics output via model exploration in Jupyter Docker containers with predictive applications

Industrial standard Data Encryption and identity protection

— data and models highly secured

  • Single Sign On
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • User audit trail
  • Data Isolation
  • Single Tenant Architecture
  • Dynamic credentials management

Share and Collaborate

— work from a common environment

  • Collaborative Jupiter Notebooks
  • Shared case UI
  • Github plugin for Source
  • Common operating systems and model packages/coding languages across users

Informative Dashboard

— showcase pilots, prototypes, models, & data visualization

Coming soon Q1 2019