Source Eliminates Silos Giving Individuals the Powers of Advanced Analytics Teams

Advanced AI and Analytics for

Business Executives Get Actionable Data Faster

Immediate Access

Better analytics deliver better business decisions, Source empowers your teams to deliver quicker by automating time-intensive processes

Flexibility in Staffing

Source has options that enable advanced data scientists and those new to the field to deliver results quickly--from “drag and drop” to highly customizable functionality, your team can work at their best

Data Assurance

Your Data is not visible to Source. Safeguards every step of the way to detect and remediate threats

Data Scientists Have More Power

Finally: Customization and Speed

Customize the elements that matter to you, automate the rest

Immediate Availability

Because Source is Cloud-based, there’s minimal set-up

Automatic Reproducibility

Source delivers reproducibility with a click

Unparalleled Performance

Long-run times are history thanks to the power of the Cloud

Simplified DevOps

Virtually unlimited capacity to create and maintain production scale, stable compute environments

True Productionization

Immediate scalability and transferability because Source eliminates silos

CIOs Deliver Improved Business Outcomes Company-Wide

Improved Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Source helps teams share knowledge

Reduced Time to Market

Embedded efficiencies at all phases of the AI journey from experimenting to deploying

Trusted Security

Segregated data and infrastructure maintains data security

Cross-functional Accessibility

Dashboards provide meaningful insights for business teams and executives

Embedded Best Practices

Source incorporates best practices and helps individual team members succeed